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How to Say “No” and Mean No

How to Say “No” and Mean No

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How to say “No” and mean No

  • Don’t say “No” – say “Yes” with an alternative suggestion
  • Look the person in the eyes and say “No” and then explain why, using the word “Because.”
  • Say “No” and then add “the last thing you would want me to do is to agree to something that I cannot deliver on”
  • Say “No” when someone wants to dump their problem on you, listen and then ask “so, what are you going to do about it?”
  • Say “No” and suggest an alternative person to ask
  • Say “No”  and suggest another way the person can achieve what they want

Establish a reputation for saying what you mean, and meaning what you say (keep your word)

Make sure you say “yes” to some things then it is easier to say “no” to others

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6 Responses to How to Say “No” and Mean No

  1. Yes, saying no is not great.
    When you say no to a child for instance it sticks in their mind.
    They need to be told no but not by saying the actual word.
    Say yes, followed by, although not quite yet. Or something like that, for their self esteem.

  2. Maybe, that’s the best answer. Somewhere in between, less definitive, not so black and white, more intriguing.

  3. No is the word we say most to our children which is a shame because actually, they should be given some positive feedback, not just negative.

  4. I only say no to my children when it’s a safety issue or very very naughty behaviour … What would happen if I said yes …. Is a frequently adopted phrase by me ….so when my daughter wanted to sleep on the pavement to see her fave band at age 13 I said what if something happened to you or the police checked her age ….. She told me and then I explain j
    How irresponsible it would be for me to say yes….. If my son wants another fizzy drink, he is allowed one a day I say have you had one today … He says yes …so I say that your allowance isn’t it …. He says yes so I say great we are agreed .. He then says so I can’t have any more I say thats right ….. Normally a aww mum with a smile…. He is 10 ……

    David I am helping someone to draw boundaries and this is awesome….no because and the if I say yes I could break my promise to deliver is another genius phrase…. Any fake money going spare !!!

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