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“I don’t think we’re against saying obvious things”

“I don’t think we’re against saying obvious things”

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“I don’t think we’re against saying obvious things”


A few weeks ago a few of us in Naked Leader were debating the hastily written Donald Trump edition.

Our CEO, Rosalind Howard, had added the following paragraph to what I had written:

‘…social media – that’s where a large majority of people are communicating these days, and he’s been part of their world.’

I have no objection to our editor, Social Media or anyone changing what I have written, as usually they improve it, and I take the credit.

However on this occasion I did not agree, and said “That’s well, that’s a bit obvious, isn’t it?”

To which Rosalind brilliantly replied “I don’t think we’re against saying obvious things”.


Most organisations I know seem to love complexity, long words and jargon, all of which are not obvious, at all.

Does your organisation state the obvious?

Or, more importantly –

Do you?

With my love and best wishes to you all.


6 Responses to “I don’t think we’re against saying obvious things”

  1. I say, exactly Rosalind, avoid all the fancy pants jargon in communication as its gets in the way of the message. Be the person that says – what does that mean in plain English….so it becomes obvious. Wise words thank you

  2. Great, obvious is good, sometimes often overlooked because nobody wants to say it at the risk of looking silly!

  3. What a really great post.
    Love the Rosalind bit. So true that some things are never said as they are thought to be so obvious.
    When actually they really should be said.

  4. In a maths class I declared the solution to a calclus problem as “thats obvious!”
    The lecturer snapped back “it’s not obvios to everyone!”

    Lesson learnt

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