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“If I can do it with just sheer belief…then anybody can”

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If I can do it with just sheer belief…then anybody can 

Rich and I first met at a Prince’s Trust event at St. James Palace, on Monday 5th July, 2010 – he shared his story in a totally authentic way – his challenging childhood, and battles with depression and autism. I asked him – “imagine if you simply could not fail, what would you do?” He replied, “I would change the world, through art.”

He told me about “Art is The Cure” that had been up and running for two years, and, well, entirely due to Rich’s talents, choices and persistence, just look what’s happened since:










Rich is now an award winning, rising star in the British art scene. Aged 27, completely self-taught – I will write that again – completely, 100% self-taught – and proud to be trail blazing a whole new genre of art – described as a fusion of street and pop art often inspired by retro, vintage style 50s imagery.

In his own words:

I believed from a young age that I could achieve anything I wanted and I could change the world in some way. I have stayed true to my ideas and I have adapted and learnt along the way how I can best make the use of my talents and leave a big impact on the world. If I can do it with no training or education and just a sheer belief and will to succeed, then anybody can. 

If you can, get down and meet Rich at his latest exhibition, 14th June – 13th July 2013 at The Imitate Modern Gallery, 27a Devonshire Street, London, W1G 6PN.

With my love and best wishes to you Rich, and to you all



11 Responses to “If I can do it with just sheer belief…then anybody can”

  1. I must share that after hearing those words a few years ago, it made me really think and challenge myself about the obstacles I was putting in the way of my dream… anyway I now have had a house built to my own design. so yes I would say imagine way, but then do it! and thanks David

  2. I believe also that i can achieve anything I want to. It’s about focus and belief.
    Have those two in your mind and you will go as far as you want to.

  3. Kids believe they can achieve anything and it’s that mentality that you should carry with you into adulthood.
    The innocence of youth is a wonderful thing and there is nothing in your subconscious mind that things you can’t continue that way of thinking into adulthood.
    The problem come when the conscious mind gets involved.
    Then you start to have doubts.
    Ignore those doubts. The subconscious mind knows how to do things so just let it get on with it without distraction.

  4. To overcome personal misfortune and debilitating illness is a truly remarkable thing.
    Having the drive to keep going and that belief that you will not be beaten or cannot fail is such a boost.

  5. Thank you for your comments, I am seeing Rich tomorrow at his exhibition and will be interviewing him. David

  6. To overcome that disability and to be so creative and be able to express yourself in such a creative and imaginative way, really is a fantastic achievement.

  7. I think it’s amazing that someone has been able to climb those obstacles and make something of their life.
    Great art too.

  8. Street art is a great way of expressing yourself. You have to have the ability though and there is no doubt Rich has talent.

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