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If The News Drags You Down…

If The News Drags You Down…

Naked Leader Week 917- 6 April 2021

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If The News Drags You Down – These Will Lift You Up…

Children’s Cartoons

Naked Leader has been doing Zooms with the NHS and other charities on WellBeing, Resilience and above all Hope.

During one of these, a Psychologist recommended watching kids TV programmes for WellBeing.  I was skeptical at first, now, some weeks later, she was right!

One can hardly call a period of 3 weeks as research, however if you are looking for inspiration, comedy and uplifting messages, I particularly recommend:

For always seeing the best in each other – Super Monsters – Netflix – Aged 3 and up.

Valuable social lessons delivered in an entertaining way – Peppa Pig – Amazon pre-school age.

Love Monster – For kindness – Cbeebies – Aged 5 and up.

Or if you simply want to hypnotise your children – in a positive way! – In The Night Garden – Cbeebies.

So now, when I am having a coffee, and it’s a choice between News, or WellBeing, its Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and children’s animation for me.

What about you? Which are your favourites – for your children, or for you?!

With my love and best wishes to you all



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