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If you are a force for good, then please stand up – your time has come

Naked Leader Week – 93 (w/c Monday 28 February 2005)

If you are a force for good, then please stand up – your time has come


This is the most important nakedleader week I will ever write. It is based on thousands of

e-mails, thoughts and comments I have received over the last two years, all brought together in one recent experience:

I recently shared a lift (elevator) with three teenage girls, who were clearly friends. They had a newspaper with them, and two of them were engaged in a deep and depressing conversation on what is going wrong in our world, how dreadful everything is, and general doom and gloom.

 The third girl stood quietly as one of her friends said “It’s all bad news, what a horrible world we live in. War, terror, crime, fear, death – it’s endless”

 And then the third girl spoke, she asked: “And what are you going to do about it?”

 There was silence. The first girl spoke next, and the conversation continued like this:

 “What do you mean, what am I going to do about it?”

“All right, what are we going to do about it?”

“What does it have to do with us?”

“Aren’t we the world?”

 And the elevator came to a halt on the top floor, and we all got out.


 “Aren’t we the world?”

And in that moment I made a true decision, to play a part in awakening the world of goodness. To play a small part in changing the world, for good…and keeping the change, so that our next generation may find peace, humanity and happiness in their lifetime, because:

 They deserve it

  • They depend on us to deliver it
  • If we don’t do this, then who will?


 Standing up as a force for good in the world, and being seen as such

  • Sharing this with everyone that you know
  • Connecting and Unleashing all forces for good

 Change the world, for good, for our next generation

As a Force4Good, in all that I say, do and am, I move:

  1. From Us and Them, to Us and Us: I and the world are one. Our unique differences make the world special, and I celebrate these.


  1. From Then to Now: I make a positive difference in the lives of others, at every opportunity.


  1. From Think to Do: Everyone has value – I respect and care for those more vulnerable, and scared, than myself.


  1. From Fear to Love: I see the world of goodness all around me – in people, nature and in life. I celebrate these wonders, this success, for myself and for others.


It is easy to be cynical; it is far more rewarding to take action, and so…

As you read this, scores of people all over the world are sending out similar e-mails to other people who are a force of goodness in the world. You may receive one, more powerfully, you may send one, simply by changing my name for yours, and forwarding it on to everyone you know, who you believe is such a force4good.

Then we will truly have a network, a connection, a shared community, that is going to leave the most powerful legacy we can ever leave.

 With love and my very best wishes to you, and to your families / loved ones.





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