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If You Nod Off In A Meeting…

If You Nod Off In A Meeting…

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Naked Leader Week 1066 – Monday 25 March 2024

If You Nod Off In A Meeting…

When you wake up suddenly, you need people to know you have been following events, so simply say:

“I think its very important to remember what we want to achieve here”.

Three reasons this is powerful:

1. You will be a hero as no-one will disagree with that!

2. You will focus the discussion back to outcomes!!

3. This is a phrase you can use in any situation, anytime, even when you stay awake!!!

Of course, if  someone does notice you have nodded off, simply say:

“Sorry about that brief moment of meditation, what did I miss?”

The answer will probably be very little.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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