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Isn’t life just one huge game of…

Isn’t life just one huge game of…

Naked Leader Week 856 – 20 January 2020

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Isn’t life just one huge game of…


Please don’t get me wrong – an important game, the most important game of all. However, a game nevertheless.

Yes, at any moment in time, we have total control of what we say


That means we have total and absolute control over what we say in response to others.

How we react is 100% in our gift, choice and control.

Oh, the power that gives us, each and every day.

Just like improv

  • If someone says something negative to us, we can be friendly in our response
  • When the language is downbeat, we can uplift it
  • In a meeting when someone says “no, but” we can respond with “yes and”

I have always believed that our lives, our success and our happiness can come down not to how we act, but how we react.

Viewing again the Improv for charity at the Comedy Store in London, I realised that actually, improv is life, and life is improv.

With my love and best wishes




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