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It’s all about You

You are your number one favourite subject.

You have to be – because, have you ever noticed, that wherever you go, there you are.

Who else gets to spend 24 hours a day with you?

In work – “Communication”, “Culture”, “Change” – they are all about you. So communicate and behave as you believe everyone could – don’t wait for, or worry about others – make the choice to change something about yourself.

Then, just watch what happens.

When you speak about anything, including other people, you can only ever do that from your own point of view – it is nothing about arrogance, ego or pride. It is all about confidence, caring and self.

A confident you doesn’t have to talk about you, you don’t have to prove yourself, and you don’t have to be “right.”

Instead, you can focus on the other – entirely on the person you are with.

Want to build rapport, make more friends and be incredibly popular?

Next person you meet, listen, and really listen to them (clue: they will talk about themselves), ask them questions about themselves, and as you do throw mental waves of positive emotion towards them – from your heart to theirs.

You know our philosophy in Naked Leader – do it, and see if it works.

And it will.

It is the very opposite of “that’s enough about me, tell me about you. What do you think of me?”

Trust yourself, be yourself and something magical happens – because you have realised it is all about you – you have made it not about you, at all. You have made it all about them.

Now, that is powerful, that is rare, and the results are amazing (for you, and for them).

With your love and best wishes


8 Responses to It’s all about You

  1. The way we act does have a bearing on others.
    It’s lovely to come up with a suggestion for change that makes a difference and for other people to take that on board and go with it.
    It’s great to make choices and have the freedom to do that.
    And people have more respect for you for being bold.

  2. Why not go to an old people’s home this Xmas and talk to someone there?
    Or how about listening to an older relative at Xmas, even, perhaps really talking to them to understand them and what their life has given them?
    How well do you know your own granddad for instance?
    Instead of thinking they are an imposition, make them feel welcome, speak to them, listen.
    I did last year and my grandad died in September. I found out many things about him but most importantly, he felt needed and wanted just for an hour. He felt like he counted.
    We will all be that person one day. You never know when it’s the last time you are going to see someone so why not act now and think about that this festive season
    I’m so pleased I made the effort when I did.

  3. It’s all about me. I think about me and am my best friend.
    Otherwise I just would go mad if me and me were not friends!

  4. It is having that trust to go and do something amazing knowing you cannot fail to do something different, even if it doesn’t work.
    Just keep doing something else until it does work.

  5. That’s such an interesting thought, that you need to love yourself because you are with you all day.
    Will open up a new thought process for me wherever I am.

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