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It’s not about you

It’s not about you

Naked Leader Week 915 – 22 March 2021

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There’s a lot of them about – surveys, questionnaires and online quizzes to establish ‘what kind of leader are you?’ Or your ‘style’ etc.

While these may be of interest, they are not that relevant. As a Truly Authentic Leader – especially now – it’s not about the leader, it’s about the person being led – adapting our styles, approaches and behaviours to bring out the very best in others.

To enable them to be the very best that they already are.

And the key question to ask of people you lead is:

“How can I best lead you, so in turn you give your very best?”

And however, they respond, adapt accordingly.

Some will try it on, e.g. “Please leave me alone to get on with my job”, which is all very well, as long as their outcomes are delivered. If not, it needs a revisit.

At a time when leadership becomes the key single factor in company success or failure – in person or remotely – this single, simple question becomes ever more important.

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