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‘It’s OK not to be OK’

‘It’s OK not to be OK’

Naked Leader Week 906 – 18 January 2021

Time to read: 65 seconds

‘It’s OK not to be OK’ – ‘Yes, yes, yes, but how do I do that?’


It has become an ‘in phrase’.

From many sources, now adopted by the wonderful Samaritans and others.

The big question is – how do we make it real in our everyday lives, in the face of a global pandemic and its 3 parallels – Psychological, Economic and Social?

Firstly, what does the phrase actually mean? You will have your own interpretation, of course, which will be ‘right’ for you.

I used it in ‘How To Be Successful By Being Yourself’:

It’s OK

It’s always OK

Except when it’s not

And that’s OK as well

To me it means that whatever you feel right now, or at any time, is OK.

And if that includes being vulnerable, scared or even helpless, then that’s OK.

Because you are not alone – these feelings are ‘normal’, and we all have them, the world over.

And that’s ok.

Sharing how we feel with someone we trust, is a sign of great strength, not weakness.

Like 3 emerging phrases in leadership:

‘It’s my fault’.

‘I need help’.

‘I don’t know’.

One thing we can all do is to be kind, caring and show unconditional love, always, to those whose lives we touch.

And that includes to ourselves.

And that includes you.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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