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Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson

Naked Leader Week – 299 – Monday 15 March 2009

Jane Tomlinson

When Jane was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she faced a choice – to die quietly or to help others to live – she unselfishly chose the latter.

In 2000 she was given “only months” to live, and between then and 3rd September 2007, pushing the term “only months” to the maximum, she raised over £1.75 million for cancer charities.

Make no mistake, this money was raised through punishing feats of endurance, by someone suffering massive pain every single day. Despite having little interest in athletics before her illness, she dedicated herself to raising money for charity through marathons, triathlons, a tandem ride from Rome to Leeds and, in her last challenge, a 4,200-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York.

Two weeks ago, I was faced with a need to be really persistent – I found myself worrying, and feeling ready to give up, and doing all I could to delay a decision. That was when I was reminded of Jane, by chance, through a simple mistype on Google search.

Quite simply, Jane refused to lie down and be beaten. My call to action was but a blade of grass by comparison.

Thank you Jane.

With my love and best wishes to you all



Next week – NL Week 300 – and yes, I have chosen a politician!


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