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Know Your Customers

CUSTOMERS hate to be sold to. They love to buy. these are the five things you need to know about them.

1. Make it easy to buy.

2. Put a person on the phone.

3. Know them better than they know themselves – be prepared, look at their website.

4. Be emotional.

5. Be honest.

4 Responses to Know Your Customers

  1. Face to face meetings count for most.
    That way you get to feel and see the emotion and it’s not just a phone call or email.
    The emotional and honesty bit is crucial.
    And people buy off people they like, so meeting them is essential to good selling.

  2. Make it easy to buy.
    That means having a good product.
    It doesn’t really matter how good you are at selling if the product you have to sell is not one that’s good, or needed.

  3. People do buy because of people regardless of the product in some cases.
    I would buy off a good salesman, provided I liked him/her.
    So the way you deal with people does make a difference.
    They might not have the exact product you want one week but a few weeks later they might have just the thing. And they have already made an impression on you so you are more likely to purchase.

  4. I agree that the person means a lot in the transaction.
    The product has to be good too.
    You often find that even if the product is lacking, there are times, such as is demonstrated on Dragons Den, that the investors will back people too if they make the right impression.

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