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Leadership from a different perspective – children with no boundaries

Naked Leader Week – 212 (w/c Monday 25 June 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – children with no boundaries

Thank you for your feedback to the Journeymaker 5 adventure last week. Follow their progress at Linking in the theme of the Journeymaker team raising funds for The Bendrigg Trust (link), we recently received this amazing letter from the head master of our daughter’s school.

Dear Parents,

 I just have to let you know of one of the most moving experiences of my life, let alone teaching career. Yesterday’s Morning Talk saw a combined dance between our girls and students from Treloar College ( who provide further education for young people aged over 16 who have physical disabilities.

 The result was:  ‘Precious Moments’.  Precious indeed to those of us privileged enough to be there and to witness such a wonderful combination of talents and movement.  As I watched I tried to scribble down words that came to me, to be honest this was hampered by the tears which clouded my eyes.

 I wrote:  Talent, Leadership, Expression, Tension, Fear, and above all else Inclusion which was open and honest. 

 The sheer talent of those on stage both able and disabled was stunning, the movement was compelling, the story they told was quite simply overwhelming and it flowed across one on all sorts of levels, emotional, intellectual and personal.  The leadership on stage as those who were able to guide and help others through a complex and demanding routine lasting nearly 20 minutes was well beyond any leadership one would expect from the best training course or ‘prefectship’.  The expression was one of grace, beauty, the physical tension and frustration of being trapped and of absolute concentration and commitment from all of the dancers.  Tension and fear were, to my eyes part of the message, fear of that which we do not understand, the human ability to pre-judge without knowing the truth and the incredible tension this brings to bear on those who are disabled. 

 It was quite simply electrifying, moving and challenging, and contained lessons and messages for us all.

 Have a wonderful half term.  Andrew

Thank you Andrew for allowing me to share this with the world.

Send this to someone who needs the uplift it may have given to you, and/or connect with someone in “poorer” circumstances than yourself, or do nothing. Your choice.

With love




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