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Leadership from a different perspective – Glyn Morris

Naked Leader Week – 225 (w/c Monday 17 September 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – Glyn Morris

After reading your request for stories I think I have a small contribution
that has really taught me something about business and human nature.

The following experience shows how you must never underestimate just what
can be achieved by a group of people all working toward one common goal. It
also highlights that when you combine this with your own demonstrable
personal commitment to something you believe in you have a powerful

When I joined my new firm in February I quickly realised that the firm could
achieve more. So in July I revised the firm’s performance target along with
the promise that I will auction my cherished BMW 5 series if the target is
not met. A firm wide bonus – equal payment to everyone from executive to
cleaner was implemented along side the Save my Car campaign. This year the
firm grew by 16%, its best result for 18 years. The atmosphere was electric

The car was saved. The charity will receive its donation from the firm
instead and everyone one else gets £639 each plus a day off.

In the words of Derek Trotter – Everyone’s a winner””
Well Glyn, I think the word bravery comes to mind, as I know what that car means to you. Any other examples out there of similar courage?

With love and best wishes to everyone




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