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Leadership from a different perspective – Hollie Westwood (aged 4)

Naked Leader Week – 114 (w/c Monday 25 July 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – Hollie Westwood (aged 4)

 From Tony Westwood…

Just a quick note about something that happened the other day.

 As a rule we don’t really watch the news or buy newspapers. But the news happened to be on the other day and our 4 year-old Hollie was watching.

 My wife sat next to her to see that she was engrossed in the news.

 Anna wasn’t that interested in the news but Hollie grabbed her attention saying “Mummy this is the news” after the first story.

 She again grabbed mum’s attention after another story saying “Mummy this is the news”

 Finally she proclaimed “Mummy this is the news, but they are all GOOD stories that doesn’t normally happen on the news”

 Amazing to think that even at that age Hollie has noticed what is usual news.

To everyone out there please be careful what our children watch and eventually read, they understand more than we know and we need to help them make the BEST choices they can.

Thank you Tony – it is so easy to forget the positive influence, knowledge and awareness of children.

I invite everyone to do this today – connect with a child, listen to what a child has to say, spend real quality time with a child whose life you touch.





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