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Leadership from a different perspective – Huw Jones

Naked Leader Week – 64 – Monday 19 July 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Huw Jones

I had lived and worked on Page 73 of the London A-Z for virtually all my life and knew I needed a change. It was such that I didn’t want to look back on my life and career and feel it had been too limited and one dimensional.

However things were good, generally life was enjoyable, productive, stimulating and financially rewarding, although to varying degrees and at various times.

But I wanted more and I wanted change. New challenges, new opportunities. At the same time it had to be realistic and not just a question of getting out of the ‘rat race’. As far as I’m concerned, that is a ‘cop out’ and too short termist. Also I had some real obligations having been twice married and with two kids to support. In any case I also wanted a constructive advance to my career.

So I considered my desired options (since I felt this obviously had to lead to what and where I went), given my London Ad. Agency career experience. I worked out I wanted three things – travel or travel related work, a significant change of living culture and to work on the client side – the latter so I could get immersed in one line of business and not flit from one type of client account to another. That was the ambition.

However I felt I was unlikely to get what I wanted through conventional channels, especially since I didn’t have much travel experience.

Two years later I met the Chairman and owner of the holiday ownership company that I now work for, through a mutual contact. When we were introduced, I knew the Marketing Director job based in Spain, was available, so I literally ‘told’ him that I would be taking up the role.

One month and two interviews later, the job was actually mine. Now 18 months on and following a lot of ‘new industry education’, I’m enjoying the move more than ever.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t stop there though – I have at least two more specific dreams (or ambitions) which I’m actively working on – but they are another story. Perhaps I’m just a serial dreamer.

I always find people’s stories of achieving / living their dreams so inspiring – whether it’s inside an organisation, in our personal lives or like Huw, a major life and career choice/change. The key for me is to look within each real-story and see what I can apply to my own life.

 Thanks to Huw, and with love to you all, wherever you are




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