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Leadership from a different perspective – Olivia

Naked Leader Week – 200 (w/c Monday 2 April 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – Olivia

My daughter has been a massive influence on me, and I recently asked her to go through all NL week’s and to categorise them etc.

This she did, and some – she chose to add her thoughts on each one!

With her permission, of course, here are my favourite seven.

Thank you Olivia, and thank you




NL Week My Comment The Wisdom of Olivia
“Many of you have e-mailed me …” “Yeh, three! If that’s many then only four people read it”
Highlights of DT’s week Otherwise known as “Put my readers to sleep”
I go on and on about… You sure do
A Christmas story about a man and his broken marriage – nice choice for Christmas David!
story about whether you believe what you are saying or not the short and short of it is that you do… (thank God ’cause other people may not!)
The greatest gift you can ever give Permission (Tigger’s is friendship! – He’s cooler than you!!)
Rosa Parks story The History of Rosa Parks – and finally a mention of me!



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