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Leadership from a different perspective – Stephanie Deal

Naked Leader Week – 174 (w/c Monday 18 September 2006)

Leadership from a different perspective – Stephanie Deal

 The lovely thing about this story is both the belief known and shown by a young girl, and the pride that oozes through from her father as he tells it…

Stephanie, your story is now being read by thousands of people all over the world…

Our youngest daughter Stephanie has always been around pedal cycles, riding on the back of my bike since she could sit up, and going on cycling holidays with us. 

 When she was 5 she asked to learn to ride.  So up we trotted to the school playground with her bike.  She wobbled a bit and fell off and said “can we go home” so we did – not an auspicious start.  She never mentioned it again and my wife and I were happy to let things rest. 

 After about 3 months she went to play with a friend, Sam.  Sam was riding around on his bike – she had to run alongside – she wasn’t happy about that. That night she asked ‘can we go to the school to learn to ride again’.   So the following day up we went to the school, with a certain amount of trepidation on my and my wife’s part. 

 And then the most amazing thing happened – Stephanie simply climbed on the bike and pedalled with no help. When it came to it, she was not put off from her earlier, and only experience.

 It was as if that was then, this is now.

 It was as if she had previously tried to learn to ride, and now she simply rode.

 Watching her made me realise how often I, and I am sure others, give up at the very first hurdle.

 One year on she completed a 15 mile charity ride in just under 2 hours. 

 When she finished, in the car home she said “Can we do the 40 mile ride next year?”

 My wife and I looked at each other and in a single moment of pride we both thought, “well if she has anything to do with it ……..  “

With love and very best wishes to Stephanie and to you all




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