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Leadership from a different perspective – Steve Roe

Naked Leader Week – 62 – Monday 5 July 2004

The definition of success…………by Steve Roe

I have run an advertising and marketing agency (Carter Roe) for nearly 15 years and was until last year very money driven. I had the big house and fast cars but even before we lost William I lacked all round happiness but didn’t understand why.

Looking back I had a difficult childhood, lacking self esteem and confidence. My elder brother was and still is very much an academic but all I could do was draw, make things and run! And it didn’t ever seem enough for anyone.

I strived to find peace of mind but always failed, even though I had the trappings of running a ‘successful’ and profitable company.

I often became stressed out, angry and frustrated. Unfortunately I think I was just starting to ‘find myself’ but we then sadly lost William to Meningitis last year, (February 14th of all dates).

His brother Lewis, who is now 4, was probably the only thing that held us together. His zest and enthusiasm for life (which reminded myself of me) quite literally dragged us along and through our darkest days.

And here I am now. I believe that it’s all making sense again – even though I do feel let down by life – and I have learned the true meaning of success –

are you ready………….it is peace of mind.

If you can find peace of mind in your life then you will be happy – and as far as I am concerned if you are genuinely happy in life then you are successful.

For me to find peace of mind I had to accept that I am a good person, I care about people, and above all……it’s ok to be me! It’s ok to draw pictures and make things. I don’t have to be an academic. I don’t need to compare myself with my brother or anyone else. I am me – and I’m happy. I have a lovely house, money, a profitable business, I like people, a loving partner and above all a beautiful, happy son, and the three of us are healthy………..I have it all (despite immense sadness still).

Thank you Steve – you are a beacon of hope to all


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