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Leadership from a different perspective – three challengers

Naked Leader Week – 129 (w/c Monday 7th November 2005)

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 Leadership from a different perspective – three challengers


I was going to write “three cynics” – who am I to call them that?

I was going to write “three sceptics” – who am I to judge them in that way?

And so I call them “challengers” – three people I met in the last seven days who have challenged this belief that we can be the very best that we already are

With love to you all, whatever you think, whatever you believe, because you are you – and because you and I, everyone, will always be “right”



One – The challenge at an event in Barcelona with 400 people…

 “David – you talk about the power of original ideas, but everyone knows there is no such thing as an original idea anymore”

 My choice of “answer” – “I am so glad you have that view, because while there are people who believe there is no such thing as an original idea, it means there are far more available for people who know that there are”

 Two – A private one to one…

 “David – I am a born cynic…”

 My choice of “answer” – “I doubt that very much – check out on Google what you went through to come out of your mother – if you were a born cynic you would have stayed inside. And as for that, check out what your mum went through, as well. Did your mother say to herself, on the day that you were born, “I don’t feel like giving birth today, so I don’t think I’ll bother.”

 Three – During a session on relationships

 “David – I don’t think what you suggest is the most powerful way to build rapport – it wouldn’t work with my wife” (much laughter)

 My choice of answer – “Great – then what would?”

 Four – Austrian TV “Is everything that you say and write provable in hard scientific terms?”

 My choice of answer – “No”


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