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Naked Leader Week – 163 (w/c Monday 2 July 2006)

There are so many team building events to choose from, these days. The choices are endless, and of the thousands of that are on offer, ranging from river rafting in the Grand Canyon to Rock Climbing in New Zealand, I am often asked the most powerful one that will enable the ultimate – one team, with one voice, and total trust, respect and performing as one.

My answer is always the same.

Before I share it, I warn you – Quad biking in Switzerland is a lot easier…

The most powerful team building event on this planet is this: The moment you get together as a team (anywhere) and decide (anytime) that you will from this moment on put trust, openness and mutual respect at the heart of everything that you do, and everyone in the team agrees to do it.

How? By simply deciding that from this moment on you will never – never – say anything behind any of your team’s member’s backs, that you would not say to their face.


But not easy

Do this, and you will have the most honest team meetings, behind closed doors. In public you will be as one.

Do this, and you will have truthful one to ones (if you wish to say something sensitive to someone you would do it one to one)

Do this, and be one team

Don’t do this, and you will not.

And you will save a fortune in training

I would love to hear from teams that are doing this; I promise I will mention you in a future NL week.

With my love to you all




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