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Leadership from a different perspective, yours…

Naked Leader Week – 83 (w/c Monday 13 December 2004)

Leadership from a different perspective, yours…

 Over the last few months I have been part of a team, developing something very, very exciting. We have dubbed it variously as a “Success Portal,” “Leadership Metanet” and various other names…


 Success and leadership have been very well documented. Type “leadership” into Google and be presented with a staggering 44.7 million references and sites. Literally overwhelming. So, there is no shortage of choices, and to me our challenge is to find those choices that best suit our needs, where we are right now.

And within this, there are no shortage of ideas, beliefs, opinions, techniques and what is right and wrong

What is it?

 The fundamental message of The Naked Leader is to be the very best that you already are. If you agree with something I suggest, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s cool. If something I suggest works for you, or your organisation, great, if not, then do something different, and if that doesn’t “work” then do something different, and so on until you succeed, or give up.

And one day it hit me. We are guided towards our own “answers” (the choices that work for us) by the providers, suppliers, gurus etc. –  what about providing a route-map to all thinking on success and leadership online, and the recommended sites / best books / events etc. are chosen by you, not by me. And in doing so, we connect everyone in the world interested in leadership.

And so, in 2005, launching in stages, will be the new

  • The first success metanet on the web
  • A network of networks – networking everyone with everyone else on the basis of dreams, ambition and choices
  • The first leadership portal in the world, providing access to whatever you want to know, wherever you want to go, helping you discover meaning, purpose and identity
  • At last – leadership from a different perspective – yours. Your opportunity to share what works, and does not
  • The largest social and aspirational network in the world – joining together the forces of goodness


  • A sanctuary of calm

This is a massive undertaking, and in January we will be ready with a timetable for launching in 2005.

Please send me your thoughts on this, what you would like to see included etc.

With love always





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