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Leadership from a different perspective – yours.

Naked Leader Week – 99 (w/c Monday 11 April 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours.


Depression and anxiety are now the most common reasons for people starting to claim long-term sickness benefits – with this in mind I invited two friends and experts in this area to share their thoughts – and their heading is theirs, not mine!


 Companies still do it. Individuals still do it. We continually delude ourselves about stress. Stress therefore remains one of the most silently destructive forces in our world today.

 The stress word is still a stigma. Why? Do we fear knowing the truth? Do we fear what we might need to do about it? Do we fear it will be difficult? How can we move from a veiled stigma to a naked truth?

 The naked truth is that most stress is self-created.

The good news is therefore that the antidote for stress is also self-created.

 Is it really that simple? Well yes it is.

 The keys to overcoming stress are:

 Self Responsibility

We possess an inner, true and powerful wisdom to transform the way we think, feel & react to the world around us – true self leadership.

 Self Awareness

To become ‘honestly’ self aware of WHAT we are thinking and HOW we are behaving and especially IF we are ‘reacting’. Always using our innate wisdom to look within first before looking outside – being honestly naked in ‘self-awareness’

 Non-Judgement of Self

We talk about not judging others, but that evolves from being non-judgemental towards ourselves. This means looking upon our SELF with honesty accompanied by gentleness, love and compassion. Self-love and self-acceptance is the magical key to non-judgement.

Self Judgement is self imposed stress, if we are lovingly allowing and self acceptant of how we are, whatever that is then, no self evaluation and no self measurement will mean that self judgement just falls away  – a cause of stress removed.

 Asking for & Accepting help

We automatically go out of our way to help others. How often do we acknowledge that we could do with some help? This is not a weakness but one of our little used and most powerful strengths. Receiving help as well as giving help is an enlightening act that nourishes the heart and spirit.

 As a company or an individual we all need help to demystify stress.

 Did you know for instance that there is now an economic, scientific, simple, non-invasive way to show if you as an individual or as an organisation are able to cope with any extra demands placed upon you – a naked truth?

 Did you know that self-administered interventions to prevent stress are simple, effective & sustainable – a naked truth?

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make unnecessary stress in ourselves and the workplace a thing of the past – like third world debt or poverty?

 Unlike third world debt or poverty we can do this NOW. It is achievable & possible.

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we decided to have NOW –  “Just one Day,” where we started with ourselves and our own awareness, to eliminate our own stress?

 The power of this would be truly awesome in co-creating cultures that nourish us rather than diminish us.

 But where does that start? With you – as your Naked Leader

Jill Whittington & Judy Thomson


Sirius Universal Limited

Personal well-being & corporate health

Thank you Jill and Judy.

And so we come to nlweek100, when we begin our biggest project of all, unleashing, connecting and uniting the world of goodness…

With all my love





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