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Naked Leader Week – 177 (w/c Monday 9 October 2006)

Leadership from a different perspective –

  The Pay It Forward Phenomenon

Thank you for your feedback to last week’s NL Week on chain mail. Keep those negative follow-on emails coming; send them on to my seven friends:

Dan from Leeds (UK) told me that for every negative, there is a positive, and he reminded me of the film, “Pay it Forward”. The basic premise of the film is that we help someone, unconditionally, and all we ask is that they then help three others and so on. He asked me if I had thought of setting up such a way of helping people.

We already have this (Stephen please put link to Random Acts of Kindness from, however I was intrigued as to how much goodness is being spread, ‘Pay It Forward” style, and by how many people.

One hour online revealed these:

Two good places to start are sites associated with Catherine Ryan Hyde

(, the author of the novel “Pay It Forward” on which the film was based:

Pay It Forward Foundation

Pay It Forward Movement

Not surprisingly, these Pay It Forward sites have sets of links to related sites:

“Links” [“People Paying It Forward”]

Pay It Forward Foundation

“International Pay It Forward Sites”

Pay It Forward Movement

Help Others



Giving Game

Extreme Kindness

Pay It Forward (UK)

For additional programs linked to the Pay It Forward Foundation and

Pay It Forward Movement, see:

“Featured Projects”

Pay It Forward Movement

“Existing Programs”

Pay It Forward Foundation

Of course, it is not the number of sites that counts; it is what you, and I, are going to do, today, tomorrow or right now, to help someone else.

What are you personally going to do?

With love whoever and wherever you are.




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