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Leadership from a double negative (i.e. positive) perspective

Naked Leader Week – 220 (w/c Monday 13 August 2007)

Leadership from a double negative (i.e. positive) perspective

There is much evidence to suggest that although one or two individual put-downs will discourage people from going for their dreams, more than two, and said at the same time, will have the reverse effect, and make people more determined to go for it.

With this in mind, imagine if you simply could not fail – what would you do?

Think it, picture it, feel it:

Now, say it to me – as if it was just you and I, go on, say it out loud, right now:

  • What – who are you kidding?
  • Get real!
  • Don’t get ideas above your station
  • Dream on!
  • YOU???!!!
  • Keep your feet on the ground
  • Know your place
  • Easy to say – remember, talk is cheap
  • Stop day dreaming
  • You don’t live in the real world
  • You’re away with the fairies
  • Who do you think you are?
  • And a special one for my friends in Australia and New Zealand – tall

poppy syndrome

Right – now go do it!

And never, that’s NEVER, let anyone throw you off course – your dream is too important, to you, to those whose lives you touch, to your organisation.

So, if someone makes an individual, negative comment, say to yourself “I won’t believe you, I can’t believe you, I am not being true to myself if I believe you.”

With my best wishes on leaping over every hurdle – as you shape the future you dream, desire and deserve.




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