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Leadership from a toddler’s perspective

Leadership from a toddler’s perspective

Naked Leadership from a toddler’s perspective

So, there I am, stuck in a traffic jam, running late, feeling tired and angry.

Yes, yes, I know – ownership, I was part of the jam, and yes yes, I know – planning, I could have set off earlier, and yes, yes, I know – choice, I was only angry because I chose to be…

Hey, come on, I am only a human being…


there I am, stuck in a traffic jam, running late, feeling tired and angry…

Then I glanced to my left, at the bus stop – actually, I mean, a bus stop (we have more than one in Woking), to see a mother and her small child – around 18 months. She was sitting in her push-chair (the child, not the mummy).

I immediately felt very sorry for them – I mean, with this delay, the bus will not be along for ages

And then I noticed that fare from looking stuck, or running late, or tired or angry, the two of them were laughing. Because mummy was crouching down, to he daughter’s height, and was explaining about what was going on – she was pointing at the cars, and then explaining what cars were. She was pointing at the temporary traffic lights that were the cause of everything, and the toddler eagerly looked at the lights and smiled, I swear she even pointed at me in my car – looking grumpy – because the little girl laughed!

And my spirits were lifted – not so much because it was fun, and heart-warming, to witness, not even because it made me feel great, more because here was a mother, truly connecting with her young child, who would have otherwise sat there being bored, and not knowing what is going on.

Did she understand everything mummy was saying? Probably not – more than we may think, though

Did it help the bus arrive any quicker? Absolutely – time is relative

Did it have anything to do with leadership? Everything – because if leadership is not about connecting with each other, what is it about?

My invitation to you – connect with a child, or if you feel really daring, with an adult, today

With love and best wishes always




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