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Leadership from a very different perspective – Logic in the world of football

Naked Leader Week – 204 (w/c Monday 30 April 2007)

Leadership from a very different perspective – Logic in the world of football

I am a massive fan (and director) of Woking Football Club, ( in the Nationwide Conference, one level below the Football League. Our season ended last Saturday and we finished just below mid-table, however our final position did not reflect some late season fears of relegation.

Football runs, and thrives, on emotion. Passion, loyalty, and a deep personal involvement from every supporter run throughout every game, and beyond.

With two games to go, we looked safe from relegation, but were not mathematically so. In the midst of all of the predictions, fears and emotions on our unofficial web-site ( “Discard” posted a piece of brilliant, logical analysis:

OK – Looking at the table again, even if we don’t win another game, we could only be relegated if every one of the following happens:

1. Cambridge win their last two games

2. Altrincham get four more points in their last two games, while we lose both of ours and they significantly improve their goal difference, OR they win both and we get no more than one more point

3. Forest Green win at least one of their last two games

4. Stafford Rangers win two more games

5. Grays win two more games

6. Halifax get at least 5 points from their last four games

7. Crawley get at least 3 points from their last three games

8. Rushden & Diamonds get another point

As Harry Hill is wont to say: “What are the chances of that happening?”

Thank you “Discard”, for a wonderful piece of logical, risk analysis in a world of pure emotion.

With my best wishes to you all




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