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Leadership from an open perspective

Leadership from an open perspective

Naked N Leader Week – 258 – Monday 19 May 2008

Leadership from an open perspective

When we are younger we learn all about the difference between so-called “open” and “closed” questions

And we all took it on board, or did we?


The unlimited power of open questions is only beginning to dawn on me, which shows what a slow learner I am!

Because, with an open question, we enable the person being asked to talk…and talk…and talk, about their very favourite subject – themselves.

Because, with an open question, we connect with shy person without them feeling threatened.

Because, with an open question, we get to the truth.

The three best open questions I have ever been asked:

In Allianz, things weren’t going well and the top team were flying in from Germany to sort it out. I went through every possible question (and answer) they might ask. Nothing prepared me for the first question the CEO asked me:

“So, David, how’s it going?”




In an interview I again prepared for everything, except this –

“Please, begin by telling us about yourself”




And my favourite – at a school. I had been asked all the usual, uncomfortable closed questions children asked – “Are your books any good?” and “How much money do you make, each year?” and then a little girl asked me:

“Why do you do what you do?”


Curve Ball!


So, as you read this, where are you on your life-plan?

With love and very best wishes




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