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Leadership from Mozart’s Perspective

Time to Read – Nine Lives

Our lovely cat Mozart (named after a composer – I can’t remember which one) – has taught Rosalind and me four things about leadership:

1.    How to live in the moment – for cats, the time is always right now.

2.    Who’s really in charge – when I play with him, I always had the suspicion that he is playing with me.

3.    That we are judged by what we do, not by what we say. “No more snacks today” we     told him, as we fed him more biscuits! We can almost see him thinking “whatever.”


4.    How to live every day by seeking forgiveness, not permission.

As I write this, there is one thing I would like to ask his forgiveness for.

Two months ago he was diagnosed with cancer, and last Friday my little friend closed his eyes for the final time, and died in my arms.

Dearest Mozart, I tell everyone that they can achieve anything they want in their lives, and I couldn’t keep that promise to you – I couldn’t make you well again.

And for that I am so very sorry.

Goodbye Mozart, sleep well.

With sad love, and best wishes to you all


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  1. Hi David,
    I never thought that cats could teach us anything about leadership. But they do get under your skin and destroy concentration when they jump up on your desk demanding attention, just when you have a dealine to meet. They are a lesson in life skills, there are things in life itself that really cannot be managed and controlled, You just have to appreciate the pleasure and pain they give. What they can teach us is to respect that others have different priorities in life and dance to another tune. Having lost 2 cats to cancer you and your family have all my sympathy in your loss.
    Best Wishes from Tim (& Dusty, Harry and Murphy – the current feline models)

  2. Making Mozart well was not within your power but what you obviously did do was shower him with love and affection so he really did lead the best life possible.

  3. That’s so sad, brought tears to my eyes and a real lump to my throat. Let’s hope Mozart is playing sweet melodies over the rainbow with all his other furry friends … he’ll be waiting for you … xxx

  4. be happy for all the insightful happiness he gave you …..David. I will be seeking forgiveness this week your email landed at the perfect time when this stance is the only one to take. There is real strength in forgiving. …….

  5. Sorry for your loss David. I know how pets can become dear friends. Thanks for sharing the story and inspiration. Best wishes. John

  6. All you can do with a pet is to give it the best life you can and then you will always feel as though you have done what you can to make them happy.
    Of course, losing them in such a way is incredibly sad and I have been through the same experience, as I am guessing you had him put to sleep.
    You have to think of the good times you had together. And my feeling is that you should get another cat. It will never replace the one you had but of course you can always think of the replacement as a brother, sister, son or daughter to Mozart.
    My very best wishes, David.

  7. A beautiful and rather refreshing Naked Week. The act of ‘Letting Go/ Forgiveness’…a lesson you taught me some years ago and enacted everyday since.

    Thank you

  8. Nine lives. That saying is so true.
    My cat had eight, then it died too.
    Trouble is, it is the feeling attached to the bit in the middle that is the worst and hardest to take.
    My condolences.

  9. There isn’t a better way to let go than to see a pet, a lifelong one, leave you in such a way.
    It’s character building.

  10. We only recently had a cat come into our home well 3 years ago now and she was so small. She came along at a time when we needed distraction and although it was as if we were rescuing Zelda she knew differntly she was showing us the way to joy. I have had a number of kitten experiences since coming to live in Kuala Lumpur and find the wiisdom animals bring awesome. Your sharing of your beloved cat really touched my heart at a very deep level . I know what they bring is unconditional love and forgiveness is key to that. Well thanks again for your amazing unconditional love and big hugs to you Mozart will alway be playing his joyful tune in your hearts and also all who you share his story with . Thanks again David with much love Fiona

  11. Best get another kitten David, to fill the void.
    Imagine it to be a sister, daughter etc, that way the cat lives on.

  12. I’ve always loved my pussy. And to think you have to lose them one day because time takes over is so sad.
    That was a heart-rending Naked Leader week and one that has had an impact on me.
    God boss, David and Rosalind.

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