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Let’s not wait for a crisis to do this…

Let’s not wait for a crisis to do this…

Naked Leader Week 865 – 23 March 2020

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When I used to work in Information Technology, we used to secretly love it when we were hit by a computer virus, or we were hacked, or attacked in any way. Yes, it was a nightmare, took up valuable time, energy and resources, and had serious implications for the organisation.

But it made us the centre of attention, feel important and most significantly, always led to us all – over 300 people, to work as one – helping, supporting and being there for each other.

I always used to wonder why it took such crises for us to be as one in that way.

And of course, it was because we had a common enemy, attacking us as one, that united us around a common cause – beat it.

And today, right now, the world over, we face a far, far bigger common enemy – a medical emergency caused by an as yet unknown virus that spreads fast, and all of the fear that comes with it.

Last week I wrote about the ‘hope’ and ‘fear’ elements – this week I make one request – to myself as much as to anyone:

Please don’t wait for such a threat to unite us – to make us work as one, to help and be kind and helpful to each other – in our teams, in our families and in our communities.

Do it now.

With my love and best wishes, especially to those directly affected, and also to all our friends and colleagues in the amazing NHS, who are working so hard to help us, and each other.



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