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Life is a journey…

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Life is a journey… Life is a journey…

In Naked Leader we gift our time and talents working with The Prince’s Trust and other charities helping young people to overcome huge challenges they have faced or are facing in their lives so that they can truly be the very best that they already are.

Sometimes young people will share their stories. One such person is Lois Muir – Lolo – who sent me the following which I repeat word for word.

Lolo has combined many powerful tools to overcome her past, learn from it and move on to live a happy life, helping others. These techniques include Anchoring (my subject in 2 weeks’ time) and Meaning (no event has any meaning other than the meaning we choose to give it).

Lolo expresses her journey, her struggles and her triumphs all through a tattoo. So, please, immerse yourself into the mind of one extraordinary, inspiring and very brave young leader for a few moments…

“Throughout my childhood and life as a young person I went on a roller coaster ride, and blamed everyone around me for the stuff I went through.

Alcohol was my only escape, I spent life hating on the world when it was all just a cry for help. It took me to the edge, and resulted in numerous suicide attempts.

The tattoo represents the fight I went through, and the importance of learning from the lows and the times when I’m at my weakest.

Which is why it is a brain and a heart smushed together, and the struggles are also represented through the loose screws that are coming out the brain to show the damage I did to myself and others; and the pumping veins that represent the strength it takes.

The colour splurging out of it represents what positives can come from bad times in life, and how you can learn from them to keep them developing while taking control of the fast pace of life
I keep my story close to me like in the tattoo to remind me of the career I’ve chosen, as a youth worker now helping others – while I take myself through uni.”

Thank you for sharing Lois.

Thank you for reading.

And with hope, love and best wishes to you all.


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