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Life’s most powerful lessons

Life’s most powerful lessons

Naked Leader Week – 305 – Monday 27 April 2009

Life’s most powerful lessons

No matter how much we believe, no matter how committed we are, no matter what actions we take – we all fall over, now and again.

Or “give up” or “fail” or whatever you like to call it…

And in that moment, we learn powerful lessons, perhaps the most powerful of all

I have just experienced one of those moments – last year I wrote about Woking Football Club, the club I love, and our ambitions this season

As a club we set an Outcome

As Chairman I took Ownership

We then made some very big Decisions that would take the club in a new direction from the last twelve years, when we have achieved very little

And then we did something

That didn’t work out, so we did something else – neither did that, so we did something else etc.

Sadly, it was not to be and the club is to be relegated to the league below

Although the decisions that were made involved many people, as Chairman I have taken full and total responsibility, and will be standing down as soon as a new Chairman is in place

I believed, I took action, and I made mistakes – and I have learned some very powerful lessons:

1. Football operates on a different plane of reality, in a different solar system!

2. Most fans are very fair and reasonable people, despite what some other Chairmen would have us believe

3. No matter how well a club is run off the field (we are one of very few clubs with no debt whatsoever) it is results on the field that count

But I do not matter. What matters is that we as a club rally around to recover and bounce back – one game at a time, something I will help them to do in whatever capacity the fans wish of me

In other words, we have fallen over. Now it is time to get up again, dust ourselves off, and go again…

We have not given up – and “we”, Woking FC, never will

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