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Like real people…only smaller

Naked Leader Week – 179 (w/c Monday 23 October 2006)

Like real people…only smaller

If there is one cause that connects everyone who received this, it is to leave the world a better place for our next generation. Within this flows a passion for creating sustainable self-esteem, permission and empowerment in children, young people, parents and the professionals working with these groups.

No-one is more committed to this than Alan Wilson. Three years ago he shared with me his dream of helping children in this way, and in naked leader style he took ownership, made a true decision and took his first action.

Today, he has several organisations, including Develop Your Child, Develop Your Child Foundation and The Energy Alliance to create a community environment for young people to blossom and grow into the wonderful creative individuals they already are.

Jo Stokes attended one of Alan’s programmes -‘Understanding your teenager, those difficult years, for parents and carers.’

Please do what she did, and give a child whose life you touch, your total and absolute attention – a really good listening to – the next time they ask for it.

With love to you all



My daughter didn’t like the person she had become, saying she was a “nasty horrible person”, and she didn’t know “how to move on” from that. That was her low point and her signal to me that she was ready to be heard, and to be helped.

 I listened in absolute silence, only speaking to ask questions when she stopped talking. No judgements, no telling, just total and absolute attention.

 Her agenda, not mine.

 When she was ready we held hands, and I shared with her the idea, the possibility, that she had choices in life.

 Within just three weeks of this new approach, we reached a new level of trust, understanding, togetherness, and love.  

 We than had a wonderful summer.

My daughter is now happy and comfortable with herself and when she returned to school, her teachers thought it was her twin!

 It was extraordinary, by changing the way I think and approach her, and opening up choices for her, it has helped us both, and made our relationship much stronger. She even listens to me!

 Together, in that time, I think I learned a whole new meaning to parenthood.

 Letting her know, by showing and sharing, deeds and words, that I am on her side has been the biggest help, and now she tells me things she would never have done before.

 Life’s not perfect – and as long as we work this way, keeping it consistent, our relationship will be a good one.

 Due to all of this and because I’ve always had an interest, I am now doing a GCSE in Psychology. 

Jo Stokes

Forthcoming Event:


Alan Wilson has organised an event that I feel would be of great interest to many of you:

 Kids Are Really different These Days is on 11 November at the Columbia Hotel, Bayswater, London.

 For more information and to book visit:


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