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Making ‘diverse’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘authentic’ real

Making ‘diverse’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘authentic’ real

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Making ‘diverse’, ‘inclusive’ and ‘authentic’ real 


Last week I was privileged to facilitate a workshop at EY in central London, at an event sponsored by their Russian, Christian, Hindu and South Asian Networks. Now, that’s diversity!

The subject was ‘How to get #threetimesmore from our people….with the Brexit subtext of ‘The 7 key actions that will ensure your company is successful and doesn’t go into ‘recession’, no matter what your competitors, politicians or the economy are doing.’

While considering this my attention turned to three ‘in’ words – diversity, inclusive and authentic, and how these can help to get #threetimesmore from your people

And what do they actually mean?

For what it’s worth, this is our perspective at Naked Leader:

Diverse – Everyone is different, and everyone has value. Unlock all of their strengths, ideas and passions and your people will be totally engaged, because people are good at what they love doing, and they love doing what they are good at.

Suggested first action – ask one person who works for you what they love doing in their role at work, and ensure they get to do more of it.

Inclusive – In everyone – all of your people and not just a chosen few. The only talent programme that actually works, and means that everyone will feel totally valued. You may as well flush your cash straight down the toilet as run talent programmes for just a very few, as you are losing out on so much value from the rest.

Suggested first action – At your next team meeting invite everyone to share what they think is the biggest strength in everyone else in the team – do this in rotation so everyone shares and receives one strength from everyone else.

Authentic – My favourite! Truly authentic means being the very best that you already are, by setting your people free, to be themselves. People will find happiness, meaning and fulfilment at work. Authentic to us means why people really do what they do, as opposed to the clever, inspiring and unattainable ideals the word is often associated with.

Suggested first action – ensure that each of your people have the freedom to operate in their role – ask each person what they feel they need to ask permission for, and if appropriate, tell them which areas they no longer have to.

If, and only if, you do these, the results will be amazing.

With my love and best wishes to you all.



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  1. I love the inclusive bit. Talent programmes for only a few could lead to division. Let everybody have the same opportunities and surely the business will prosper.

  2. Love the authentic part of the post. We are already as good as we already are. Simple but effective.

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