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Mindfulness – the next big thing?

Mindfulness – the next big thing?

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Mindfulness – the next big thing?

After all, it’s only been around since…
5th Century BC .

Give or take a few hundred years.

Just because everything’s changing doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before.

What other useful leadership and business tips, tools and techniques are making a comeback?


Never lose sight of why your organisation started in the first place. With ‘Purpose’ now being absolutely critical to success, doing this may help.


In your projects, think about replacing complex management systems with simple checklists – thank goodness we didn’t have Prince 2 around when we built the pyramids, we would never have got them finished.


The oldest – and in my opinion best – way to organise your day. List on an A4 sheet all you have to do that day, prioritise them, then start at number one, complete, it then go to number 2… and keep going until you have finished or time runs out.

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