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Much needed stories of hope

Much needed stories of hope

Naked Leader Week 897 – 9 November 2020

Time to read: 2 minutes

A few weeks ago I asked for you to email me stories of hope we all need some of these right now as a second period of lockdown is underway. Thank you for sharing your stories and if there are any more you’d like to share please email me

Steve Raw, an amazing man that I’ve know for several years in the sphere of leadership, shared a couple of wonderful stories about his daughter Bettina who copes with autism, learning disability and epilepsy. Steve is happy to share these stories, which are crammed with positivity and hope.

Here’s the link to one and there are more to find on Steve’s blog.

Being Bettina’s dad – coming out of lockdown we did it!

In Steve’s words ‘Bettina is a source of inspiration for those she loves and those she comes into contact with.’

Thank you, Steve, and thank you Bettina

With my love and best wishes



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