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“My saviour” – How Alex Saved Bruno’s Life

“My saviour” – How Alex Saved Bruno’s Life

Time to Read: Not as long as Bruno and Alex ran…

Naked Leader Week 1008 – 30 January 2023

Please also listen to the story in Alex’s own words – link below

Alex is working with a small team, rebuilding a wall in our front garden. Suddenly he hears Liz, who lives over the road, shout out “Oh no, Bruno’s escaped!”

He looked up – Liz’s dog was running – very fast – down our road and towards a main one, which is always full of traffic. Alex didn’t hesitate – he downed tools and ran after Bruno. He – Alex – reached the end of our road and just caught a glimpse of Bruno running across a bridge – on the pavement – and into another street. Alex chased after him again, and was horrified to see that Bruno was now running on the road.

After yet more running, Alex, now rather out of breath, stopped and shouted in desperation, as loud as he could manage:


And incredibly, and in the middle of the road – the dog did just that!

An exhausted Alex walked towards Bruno, talking gently to him all the time, to keep his attention. Bruno wagged his tail – as if this was all just a big game.

When Alex caught up he took Bruno by his collar and then wondered – ‘how am I going to get Bruno home?’ – As you can see from the photo, Bruno is not small and he might well decide not to budge!

And that was when a DPD driver stopped and offered to help them with a lift.

A very grateful and emotional Liz, and her loving companion, were happily reunited. She described Alex as “My saviour,” vowed to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, and proceeded to bring out beers for the wall building team!

Alex didn’t have to do what he did. He kept his head, chose what he was going to do, and did it, without hesitation. Not for himself, but to help another – indeed, to potentially save a life.

To me, that’s the ultimate in leadership.

Of course, I am telling this story second hand – to hear Alex describe it in around a minute follow the audio link below.

With my love and best wishes to Liz, Alex and Bruno, and to you all.



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