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Naked Golfer At Earls Court

THERE is a special reason why innovative thinker Tony Westwood hopes that next month’s London Golf Show will provide a big draw.
The unique Naked Leader associate is pitching in as compère for what is one of the sporting calendar’s premier events.
And with the hugely popular weekend making its mark at the iconic Earls Court Exhibition Centre there is every reason to believe it will be a big hit.
The London Golf Show ( takes place from November 11 to 13 and will have something from everyone including the following.
1. Try out the latest equipment and gadgets
2. Get expert tips from the game’s top coaches
3. Take part in skill challenges to win BIG prizes
4. Improve with PGA coaching
5. Watch trick shot shows by David Edwards
6. Meet celebrity guests
7. Experience Custom Fitting
8. Sharpen short game skills
9. And more
As well as compering PGA Golf Professional Tony will be chipping in too by presenting his unique approach to golf coaching and learning on stage throughout the show plus hosting interviews with celebrities and the game’s innovators to give
those attending a full-on interactive experience.
“I’m looking forward to it,” said Tony. “It promises to be a fabulous event for all golf enthusiasts.”
Tony’s book, The Naked Leader Plays Golf is exclusively available through our website ( as a downloadable pdf. In it Tony explores his theory that everybody has the world’s best golf swing, for them, and says: ‘How would you react to being handed the key to unlock the potential that is in every one of us the moment we pick up a golf club?
Surely, I hear you say, having the best swing in the world is the sole premise of the elite players. It’s what you’ve been told. It’s what you’ve read.
‘Well my advice to you would be don’t always believe what you read.
‘Because those taken in by things they see in print might be persuaded, for instance, into thinking that the game of golf has a mythical secret.
‘Well let me tell you the secret. It’s simple. The secret is, there isn’t one.’

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  1. I like the extras that I’ve read from Tony. Looks a good read and he knows how to help people with a golf club that’s for sure.

  2. I have read bits of tony[‘s book and it strikes me that it could be applied to anything not just golf.
    I enjoy that way of thinking. that the mind sometimes gets in the way when we think too much!

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