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Never do this in an email

Never do this in an email

Time to Read: 7 Seconds

Never do this in an email.

Write derogatory or negative things that you wouldn’t want to be made public.

Privacy in the world of emails is often thwarted by the slip of the finger, a moment of madness or worst of all, not checking there is an email trail below.

With my love and best wishes to you all



Don’t like it – maybe recycle one of your older ones? I think you wrote a good one in May 2014. I will dig it out. Also, are you sure its 7 seconds? Seems like 6 to me. You know we get more people complaining about the time to read than about anything you ever write.

My advice (and everyone in the office agrees with me) – ditch it

Rosalind (et al)



I am getting tired of all this editing, interfering and double checking – its’s my blog, not Claire’s or Sue’s or Gavin’s or anyone else’s. I mean, do we actually know if anyone even reads these things? Personally, I’m getting sick of them.

David X



So am I. Look, run with it if you want to, and although it’s too short, irrelevant and a total cop-out you have my full support.

Kind Regards


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  1. David

    Really do get the point about email become far to conversational. If its a conversation you want pick the phone up!

  2. How about just don’t say (or write) anything about anyone that you won’t say to their face? Not because you might be caught out by a slip of the finger, but because it is the courageous, honest and right thing to do? Be real, be honest, be you.

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