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Never trouble trouble

Never trouble trouble

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“Never trouble trouble, until…

Trouble troubles you”

A brilliant quote from the genius Simon Jones – Naked Leader would not be the brand it is today without him.

There are enough challenges, problems and worries in our lives without making up more!

Last December I was coaching a Finance Director, who was worried by a new CEO who was about to join the company. Actual conversation – his name changed:

Neil (FD): “David, I would have gone for the job myself, if I had known they were going to appoint HIM.

Me: Do you want that job?

Neil: It’s too late now, what am going to do David?

Me: Please, answer my question.


Neil: No, I would hate it, I hardly see my family as it is.

Me: OK – so why are you fearing Graham so much – have you met him?

Neil: No, but I have heard about him, apparently he likes to get his own way.

Me: Don’t we all? Who told you about him?

Neil: A friend of someone who he dismissed.

Me: OK – then I suggest we research this guy, work out what he is really like, and have several how tos in place for when he starts in a few weeks’ time – formed on two possibilities – one is that he will be trouble, real trouble for you…

Neil: Good.

Me: …and the other on the basis that he will be just fine, real fine with you.

And that is what we did.

And guess what?

4 months since Graham started, Neil hasn’t had to use any of the ‘he’ll be trouble’ actions.

Of course, one day he might have to.

And if and when that day arrives, he will be ready.

With my eternal thanks to Simon, and my love and best wishes to you all



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