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Now is the perfect time…

To be an entrepreneur

Wherever you live, now is the time to start your own business, as more and more countries wake up to realise that their economic success depends on it.

And to make money, in so doing

Wherever you live, now is the time to start making money, and put aside forever the idea that money is somehow “wrong” – or less important than love. If you don’t agree, try paying your mortgage with a cuddle. People and companies need to make money, otherwise public services in countries across the world will collapse.

And you don’t have to give up your day job – you can do this part-time.

Last Friday I presented at the Business Start-Up show in London’s Excel centre – wow, what an amazing can do energy, from all age ranges – this is the time, so get on board.

Everything you need to know in one paragraph…

To become a millionaire, you need authenticity (the ability to genuinely be yourself), bravery, generosity, perseverance, the ability to build trusted relationships, skills and products around a core idea that others will pay for; a business with a clear exit plan, to get paid, and to make a profit. Along the way, this might involve writing a book, designing an interactive web-site, becoming a world-class speaker, attracting detractors, and being open to life showing you the way.

Action – What’s your big idea? To find this out ask yourself, “what excites me?” and wait for the answer to come – it will

With my love and best wishes

4 Responses to Now is the perfect time…

  1. David, unfortuangtely I will be on holiday with my family when you'll be running The Naked Millionaire One Day Workshopon 9th June. Will you be re-running this later in the year, as I'd love to attend it. Regards, Mike.

  2. Becoming a millionaire is a dream and making it happen can seem an insurmountable task. I guess the key is hard work and belief that you have it in you to cahieve…and make money doing it. As you say, mortgages need to be paid.

  3. Life is often pointing me in the right direction. It is that where I take my leads. Sometimes, I do something which triggers something else, and I make sure I follow it up and take that lead. It's so important to do that. I am a free spirit and like to think I have what it takes to earn lots of money. Persuading people to part with their cash is the key and to do that, you have to show your worth.

  4. There's only one way to become a millionaire, hard graft. That is unless you are left it in a will or your numbers come up!(I had a friend who worked night and day to earn as much as he could and while he gained a million pound turnover he rarely made a lot of profit. That to be is rather foolhardy, to work so hard to earn such a huge income, only for it all to be wasted in costs and overheads. The idea is to make a profit in business not just to make a million pounds in sales and not keep any for yourelf. That's just being busy for vanity's sake.

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