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One For(mula) All, and All For(mula) One

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My good friend and excellent coach Paul Heath of The Phoenix Group wrote me an email:

“Did you know just how much ‘stuff’ exists on the internet about the formula? There is a lot! I’m not sure if you have this formula copy written or not, is it possible to do that?

Anyway, some people are quoting you as the source and some are not. Strangely some of the ones who do aren’t getting it quite right. I was wondering how you felt about it – flattered, unsurprised, pleased, annoyed, something else?”

Thank you Paul

How do I feel?

Many things, most of all excited, excited that it is being shared and that it is useful enough to deserve this.

Just in case you need reminding:

Know where you want to Go

Know where you are Now

Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to Go

And Do it!

I’ve said and written it many times, I know. That’s because it’s a message for all for all time and it works. And you already know that formula is yours, by the number of times you have applied it in your life, so far, by the number of times you will do so today, and by the number of times you will apply it in the future.

So please quote it, use it and apply it – as long as you make it your own.

With my love to you all – official copyright owners one and all.

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11 Responses to One For(mula) All, and All For(mula) One

  1. I’m one of those blessed and accursed people who is quite good at a number of things and equally interested in a number of avenues but the true path does not seem to present itself, no matter how much time I take to reflect, how many courses I go on, or how many people I talk to.
    All I know is, I’m not happy doing what I’m doing.

    I regret giving up Athletics for a year at a crucial age – going back even a year later for 2 years was too late for a sprinter. I will always regret it!

    From age 18 to 24 I played in a rock band with friends. I had a great opportunity to join a group at 21 that went on to be successful, but I declined because I didnt want to leave my friends. No regrets? You must be joking! I still regret that decision!

    What have I learned? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    I want to do something different and It would all be so simple if I knew the ‘WHAT’ !

  2. Work out what you want to do. It’s that simple. You say you don’t know what the what is well it’s obviously a creative side of you who is wanting to spring from you and make a difference.
    So it’s not sprinting and it’s not being in a band. What about long distance running? Or joining a choir? Think about it hard. What’s the next step?

  3. The Phoenix Group are an excellent organisation. It’s great that their employee has taken it upon himself to let everyone know that the formula is being talked about.
    That’s great for the Naked Leader and its ethos.

  4. We also received a reply from Ligia
    ‘Thank you again.
    You inspire me in my training and coaching activity’

    and Emily
    ‘That’s coaching in a nutshell!
    Great formula, thanks for sharing.’
    Thank you both for responding.

  5. To Hunch – homing on your comment – hindsight is a wonderful thing that’s is one of the methods of dicsovering what you want to do – take yourself forward to the end of your life and really imagine what would you regret not doing and waht would yo want to be remembered for – that can help you see more clearly – forward hindsight! ALso life is gernerally a very long time these days with lots of opportunites- perhaps if you cant settle on the one thing -make a list and have a go at each one just not deciding won’t take you forward. indeed while tackling each one you may then find it wasnt really for you and help you make the decision.

    Hope that hepls

  6. I made a decision as to what I wanted to do with my life and it turned out to be the wrong path, initially.
    As Rosalind says, it can help to draw a list of what it is you want to achieve in life and work through them.
    It’s easier said than done and there are many obstacles to you not doing something.
    I guess as Rosalind says, if you go forward to the end of your life and then work out what it was you might regret, that would be a good way to start homing in on the ‘what to do now’.
    I later discovered exactly what it was I wanted to do and am now doing it. Every day is a bonus and I value it as you never know what is round the next corner.
    make the most of life today. that way there won’t be much room for regret when you are nearing the end of what hopefully has been a fulfilling life.

  7. A true path will present itself if you look hard enough. If you are not really that bothered with what you want to do then it probably won’t look hard, it will make the difference.

  8. True paths have to be found. They don’t just appear. You have to dig deep and find out exactly what it is you want to be/do.

  9. I had a path I wanted to take and there were obstacles aplenty. It really wasnt what I thought would happen when I set out to pursue it.
    I knew where I was and what I wanted to do to get where I wanted to be but it just didnt happen and not for the want of trying.
    I guess I wasnt trying hard enough. And I will make sure I keep going until it happens.

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