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Opening this e-mail, or not, is a…

Opening this e-mail, or not, is a…

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Opening this e-mail, or not, is a…  

And now you have opened it, whether you read on or not is also a choice.

When you woke up this morning until you go to sleep tonight, you will make literally thousands of choices:

  • What you say, what you don’t say
  • What you do, and what you don’t do
  • How you act, and how you react
  • What leg you put forward first
  • Whether you turn left or right at the next street corner
  • Where you sit on the train, what you do after you have sat and what you think about on your entire journey
And…in your past

  • When you first laughed, or cried
  • Your first word
  • Whether you enjoyed your first day at school. Or not

And…in your future

  • Whether you go for that dream, or not
  • How old you feel
  • And whether you will have any regrets in the moment that you die
Your past – your present – your future – your choice
(And if you don’t believe me, that is also a choice)

With my love and best wishes



PS. Share – What is the latest thing you, that you made a choice about? Let us know in the comments below.

6 Responses to Opening this e-mail, or not, is a…

    • I can see the protential in young people, as all have protentials. I have spent my life working with young people, as coach,learning mentor,to enable them to return to a better place in the community. Some has fed back to adults, stating, if it was’nt for me they would not be where they are today.

  1. That is a teaser, and it has meant me thinking about all the choices I made today.
    So true, thousands!

  2. However old you feel you still have the capacity to go and make a difference.
    Even if it is to go and make someone else feel better.

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