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Pioneering Women

YOU might expect the woman who founded Specsavers to be able to spot talent from a mile off.

Well, Dame Mary Perkins might just have you in her sights if you are a female and what you have achieved in the past 12 months has been innovative and ground-breaking.

She is one of the judging panel for The First Women Awards, which recognise ‘firsts’ for pioneering women within their business sector. The initiative was introduced by trade magazine Real Business and the Confederation of British Industry, and is in its eighth year.

So, are you a woman who has broken new ground or a glass ceiling in their chosen industry, while in the process removing barriers and opening up new opportunities for others too? Or, do you know someone who is?

If so, the nominations for the awards, now in their eighth year, are sought with a deadline of April 13.

Several categories are included, such as manufacturing and engineering, retail and consumer, science and technology and finance.

There is also the First Women in Business of the Year awards which will be given to an organisation or company that is outstanding at promoting women in the workplace.

A grand ceremony will be held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in central London on June 28 – ahead of another rather important date in the capital a month later!

Do you know somebody who fits the bill? Could any of you Naked Leader enthusiasts be among the contenders?

For details and criteria, read here…

3 Responses to Pioneering Women

  1. Talent spotting is what makes the world go around. hang on, i might be thinking of women with other attributes!
    Nevertheless, great scheme for a deserving initiative. Women should be recognised for their achievements.

  2. Women have great credence in business these days. Gone are the days when they are little thought of and most companies are now targeted to get women in their boardrooms. Hopefully that’s on merit, not just because they feel they have to.

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