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Post Brexit And Uncertain Times – 1 of 3

Post Brexit And Uncertain Times – 1 of 3

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Post Brexit And Uncertain Times – 1 of 3

Thank you to all of you who responded and personally emailed me last week.

Things have gone rather hectic for Naked Leader since the UK Brexit vote – both in the UK and internationally. So, the next 3 NL Weeklys will focus on specific actions to take, one each for People, Projects and Profit, that will bring certainty in uncertain times, confidence when there is doubt, and above all, security for your future, regardless of what is happening around you.

People – the very big idea. Wrap your organisation around your people, rather than the traditional, other way around.


  • Have People Descriptions, Rolling CVs as well as Job Descriptions.
  • Put teams together on the basis of complementary strengths, talents and passions of people who want to be in the team.
  • Unlock and unleash all the potential in all of your people, not just in a chosen few.

A Story to illustrate these


We recently attended a wonderful birthday party in Ledbury, and  whilst there we were treated to a  flying exhibition run by The International Centre for Birds of Prey –  the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world.

We watched five birds flying, one by one, each led by worldwide authority Jemima Parry-Jones MBE.

When Jemima introduced the first bird, a Hawk, she said:

“Now, Hawks love to flap their wings rapidly, and then use that momentum to glide smoothly and gracefully through the air, often swooping very low…”

And then she added:

“…And so that is what he will do for you today”

And sure enough, that is what he did – amazing.

The next bird was a Red Kite – and along with lots of other information, Jemima said:

“Next we have a Red Kite. Using all of its wingspan of nearly 2 metres, the Kite adores turning this way and that, soaring and spiralling forever skyward catching the unseen breath of wind or an uplifting warm air thermal, constantly surveying all below to catch sight of something to feast upon…”

“…And so that is what she will do for you today”

And sure enough, that is what she did – the audience was spellbound.

And so it was with three other birds…

Afterwards, while thanking Jemima for both the exhibition and her introductions, she said “All birds of prey love doing what they do best, because they are best at what they love doing.”

Can you imagine if we ran our teams, our projects, our organisations in this way?

Instead of wrapping people around the organisation, wrapping the organisation around people.

“Now, Mike loves to run projects…and so that is what he will do for us today”

“Next we have Emma, who is brilliant on the phone with customers, especially when they have a complaint…and so that is what she will do for us today”

Of course your people will want to learn new skills, talents and abilities. At the same time please unlock and unleash the unlimited the strengths, passions and potential in the people that you already have.

And then just watch your eagles soar.

With my thanks to Jemima and my love and best wishes to you all


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4 Responses to Post Brexit And Uncertain Times – 1 of 3

  1. Exactly David, the eagles will soar whether we are in the EU or not.
    It’s a challenge not a problem.

  2. Great point well made. Just like caged birds who have been in captivity for a long time, even when you open the cage door, they will need coaxing out, and will need to learn to fly again. But the joy they will experience- and that of those who release them – will be amazing.

  3. Wonderful analogy from Jon.
    We have plenty of caged birds who can lead, my only concern is two or three of them who caused the whole Brexit thing have flown up just as the going was getting tough.

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