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Recycle Along The Right Path

WHAT a waste of money. We can all relate to those five oft-used words in life and yet for some businesses they represent far more than just a throwaway line.

Because research shows that small, medium and even large firms are expected to throw away millions of pounds this year in sending waste to landfill rather than recycling it.

A load of old rubbish perhaps? Well, the tax charge for sending waste to landfill is set to rise from £64 per ton now to £80 in two years time, adding to the costs faced by companies which are already weighed down with other expenses.

The warning is that if recycling rates don’t improve it could cost small firms, let alone the rest, in excess of an eye-watering £4billion by 2020. Two thirds of commercial waste comes from small to medium sized companies, with retail, food and drink among the sectors involved.

So, wondering how you can cut overheads? Then check out this website. Phil Collins once wrote a song about throwing it all away. Make sure you don’t do the same with your hard-earned turnover.

4 Responses to Recycle Along The Right Path

  1. Sound advice.
    there seems to be too much taxation on certain aspects of business and yet this seems a worthwhile one as it concerns the environment.
    So we can all do our bit for the environment and save money too. Makes good sense.

  2. What a rip off that they should be increasing prices in such a way. Amazing. So trying to get around the sytem seems a good thing to do for me.

  3. I agree, cut out as many costs as possible in a business, within reason, and increase profitability in a stroke.

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