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Reinvent Your Organisation!

Naked Leader Week – 44 Monday 1st March 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Yours

Reinvent Your Organisation!

Over the last several months, and everywhere I seem to go, many of you ask me two questions:

“David, what do you mean when you say ‘reinventing’ the organisation?”


“Is this all just talk, or are you going to do something about it?”

I’d like to answer both.

Over the last twenty years we have spent billions on consultancy, training and so called change initiatives, and yet most organisations have at best stood completely still, and the majority of people in those organisations remain unfulfilled. If we want the future to be different from the past, we have to do, and be, different.

  • By releasing the value and investments you have already made in people, technology and customers
  • By setting you free from any external dependence
  • By putting your People before Process, Choice before Change, Meaning before Money

I mean seriously:

Wouldn’t you like to you to regain complete sustainable control of your organisational destiny and drastically reduce your dependence on external consultancy?

“But enough talk!” I hear you say. And quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more. And since action speaks louder than words, let me introduce our way of igniting individual, team and organisational potential to deliver real and self-sustained business value.

By taking the very best thinking in business, leadership and coaching, and bettering it, we have developed the foundational keys for consistent profit, growth and self-sustained success in any organisation, anywhere in the world – and we’ve called it Naked Leader™ Reinvention.

Naked Leader™ Reinvention emerged from the combined expertise, experience and track-records of Georgina Woudstra and Allard de Jong, who I have handpicked to lead this project. By combining our collective achievements we aspire to design, drive and deliver the next business age. An age when we liberate a human passion that has been dormant for too long, and when organisations achieve greater levels of profit, competitive advantage and unlimited success than they’ve ever dreamed. You are about to discover the fastest, most powerful and proven resource available to achieve everything you dream, desire and deserve – now, always and forever.

We are determined to set you and your organisation free to be the very best that you already are:

  1. Everything you need, to be anything you want, is already within you, and waiting. You are your people – we unleash their potential, and we do it fast.
  2. We then “coach” you to do what we do, setting you free from any and all external dependence.
  3. And when you are ready, we simply disappear. And leave you with everything you need, including technology and intellectual property!

For a confidential discussion about how Naked Leader™ Reinvention would benefit you, your team or your organisation as a whole, please contact:

Georgina Woudstra or Allard de Jong

t: +44 (0)870 062 2080
f: +44 (0)1798 344 478


 Imagine if you simply could not fail?
What would you do?
Where would you go?
Who would you be?

Naked Leader™ Reinvention partners with individuals and organisations to unlock the natural talent, energy and genius within you, your team and organisation, enabling you to be the very best that you already are.

Then we ‘coach’ you to do what we do, so you are completely free and independent.
And then we disappear.

Where’s the catch? There isn’t one.

We have developed and now deliver a series of unique and revolutionary Reinvention programmes that carefully reflect the Naked Leader™ philosophy:

  • Your future will be your choice, and no-one else’s.
  • You will have the skills to reinvent yourselves, any time you choose.
  • Your investments you have already made in people will now deliver real value, and profit.
  • You will be able to run your organisation, in your way.
  • You will have own the skills, the IP and the technology we have.
  • You will not be dependent on external consultancies and help.

(smaller pictures Georgina / Allard, caption: “Georgina Woudstra, Director & Allard de Jong, Director)

Naked Leader™ Reinvention is built on the individual and combined expertise, experience and track-records of Georgina Woudstra and Allard de Jong. By combining our achievements in leadership, technology and business breakthrough, we know what works, in every company, for any ambition, every time.


For a confidential discussion about how Naked Leader™ Reinvention would benefit you, your team or your organisation as a whole, please contact:

 Georgina Woudstra or Allard de Jong

t: +44 (0)870 062 2080
f: +44 (0)1798 344 478





Your Organisation

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Be a what?

It’s a strange word – ‘voyager’. Not really a word you hear as you go about your daily business. To be the person you were born to be means that you will have to commit to going on your own ‘voyage’.

The only way in which you can be appear a naked leader to anyone else, is if you lead yourself in the way that is right for you. How can you possibly lead others, if you’re not willing to do what it takes in order to lead yourself with full conviction and belief?

To be a Voyager takes courage – the hardest thing to do is to be able to look in the mirror and love the person that stares back. So, before I leave you with a gift taken from my new book, ‘Failing Your Way To Success’ I would like to challenge you to do something you may not have done before.  Remove your clothes, stand in front of the mirror as naked as the day you were born and know that you already are everything you will ever need. It’s your life – Live it.


 If you share a house, ensure that the bedroom or bathroom door is locked; or there could be some embarrassed faces.


The Voyager

 I am the Voyager.

Exploring the depths of ones Soul

In search of reasons for my behaviour


Much like the changing of the seasons.

I am the Voyager.

Prompting a response – challenging the status quo

After all, what do they really know?

We spend too much time focusing on our weakness.

We must encourage and celebrate our uniqueness.

Living like clones.

We are square pegs trying to fit into round holes

We aren’t all chasing the same dream and goals.

So much, so much time wasted trying to unravel a mystery that was never ever there.


You share your confusion with some who don’t even care.

No, no, no more skulking shoulders hunching in the shadows.

Come fourth into the light.

Know that not only can you pick but WIN your own life fights.

I am the Voyager

Holding the lantern high.

This shining beacon is not that bright,

Trust, fear not, open your eyes.

Admire the view that projects from within you.

It’s there for a reason, much like those ever changing of the seasons.


Now is the right time and the right place

Face yourself, you are no disgrace.

Stand tall my Child of God, my follower of Light

My sister, my Brother.

You have the foresight the vision,

Have faith, people do want to listen.

Stop from being a follower and know that

YOU are the Voyager

Peace and love

Steve Rock

The Inspirational Poet

(Taken from the new book ‘Failing Your Way To Success’)


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