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Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Rafiki, master of persuasion:

Watch on full screen – Rafiki

You could write a thesis on this single scene; indeed, some people have done just that…watch out for, amongst other things:

The amazing body language throughout (by both) (watch a second time in silence!) and love the nod to the psychologist advisers – Rafiki on the rock.

Getting attention (start and “It’s a secret”)  

Muddling Simba’s brain (“can’t cut it out” and “you’re a baboon and i’m not”)

Distraction / change of state (singing in ear “squashed banana”)

• Get to the point in Simba’s world / commanding attention (“the question is who are YOU?”)

The moment of total switch of control from Simba to Rafiki (“you’re Mufasa’s boy – bye”)

The obstacles we go through to find and be our true selves

• The whole parent / child – father / son thing!

• The full on – “change” “the past” – and the whack that brings everything together for Simba’s decision to go back and reclaim his homeland

• Finally our favourite single question in Naked Leader – “so, what are you going to do?”  


With my love and best wishes

David  X

13 Responses to Remember Who You Are

  1. One of the best film’s EVER! Love that and the analysis, David.
    I would advise anyone who hasn’t been to go and watch at the theatre. Wonderful.

  2. 3.38 You are more than what you have become… you must take your place in the circle of life.
    And you must, as time does not stand still…don’t waste another minute…do it!

  3. Elton John’s The Circle of Life. What a great song.
    I spend life going around in circles. Not enough doing!

  4. Time stands still but only if you let it.
    I have to have a task that I need to fulfil each day.
    Without that challenge I feel I have not achieved and another day just gets wasted.
    Some people prefer to think things. I prefer to do.

  5. Thank you for your comments – the challenge with Lion King is watching it without that internal dialogue of running commentary! And thank you Harry, in many ways that is the single biggest theme of the whole film. David x

  6. Get to see the Lion King at the theatre, it’s wonderful, and the relationships really come through despite the real acting.
    Superb costumes.

  7. ‘I knew your father, he dies a long time ago…no, wrong again, he’s alive.’
    That was cruel!
    ‘You must take your place in the circle of life, you are a king, my son.’
    Wonderful lines, wonderful film.
    And yes, we mustn’t forget who we are. We have to face our past, not run from it, and learn from it. Another great line!

  8. I thought that too about the dying bit.
    Why would you make such a statement, I thought? Then I remembered, it’s just a film!

  9. The circle of life is a wonderful concept and knowing where your roots are and where you have come from is the important things.
    Love the film. Makes you appreciate your own situation.

  10. Great post, and an enlightening one once again.
    Seeing life from different angles is what makes it interesting.

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