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Rest in Peace…

Rest in Peace…

N Leader Week – 337 – Monday 7 December 2009

Rest in Peace…

Time to read – About 2 minutes

The Power of Detractors…

Two people who had a very big influence on me, passed away recently.

Both reviewed The Naked Leader, and each taught me different lessons.

Last week, Roger Rammage, from our local paper, The Woking News and Mail, died. His review, which included the line “surely one of the best leadership books ever written”, gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you Roger, may you rest in peace.

I also recently heard of the death of Carol Kennedy, who reviewed the book for Director Magazine. Her review concluded “This is the sort of gung-ho conference stuff on which middle managers may get a momentary high. It’s not a book for serious business readers.”

While this upset me at the time, it taught me two things – we all have to cope with ‘bad press’ sometimes and to get over it, and the power of having detractors in getting a book to be better known. So, thank you as well Carol, and may you also rest in peace.

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