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Naked Leader Week – 46 –Monday 15th March 2004 


Our roots are very important to us as – many people write to me asking how The Naked Leader all started – so this week’s naked leader week is an interview I gave on the day the book hit the number one spot on Amazon, a day that changed my life forever.

While the messages and movement (everyone is a naked leader, because everyone was naked on the day they were born with unlimited potential) have moved on from these thoughts, these are still the roots and thoughts behind the book.

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A Conversation with David Taylor, Author of The Naked Leader (August 2002)

  1. Why did you write The Naked Leader?

Three reasons:

  • To strip away the hype surrounding success, and to release the full potential of people, teams and organisations, fast.
  • To expose the failures of the consultancy and process driven initiatives of the last twenty years, such as Business Process Re-engineering and Total Quality Management, which have cost billions, achieved nothing, demotivated people, and enabled most companies to at best stand completely still.
  • To give people back to themselves – to reclaim their lives at a time when global business is full of mistrust (Enron, World Com, Xerox and there will be more), and our so called public leaders are more full of spin than they are of integrity.
2.         Why do you think the book has been so successful?

I have been stunned, and humbled by its success, and by the hundreds of e-mails and phone calls I have received. Taking all of these, there seems to be four main reasons for its success:

  • It strips away the hype and jargon around success.
  • People can identify with the situations and stories. Having worked inside organisations for over 20 years, and made many mistakes myself, seems to have helped make it relevant for people. Also, I wrote the book to be very personal, different for every person reading it. This is a reader’s book, not an author’s one.
  • It is easy to read. It is a book you can dip in and out of. I encourage people to keep their copy by the loo! Also, being written as a “choose your own adventure” was a masterstroke by my daughter Olivia.
  • People are now asking bigger questions. This book crosses the divide between business, self-help and mind/body/spirit books. It seems to reflect the need for a completely new business age – an age of enlightenment.



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